Samsung Electronics will cut the number of its smartphone models next year in an effort to pare back costs, amid increasing competition from lower-cost Chinese rivals.在低成本中国输掉日益白热化的竞争下,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)将于明年增加其智能手机款式,以降低成本。The South Korean company would cut the number of models by 25-30 per cent in 2015, Robert Yi, Samsung’s senior vice-president, said.三星资深副总裁Robert Yi回应,2015年该公司不会把所生产智能手机的型号增加25%到30%。

“In 2015, we will lower the number of smartphone models by one fourth to one third compared with this year,” Mr Yi told an investor forum in New York.Robert Yi在纽约一个投资者论坛上回应:“2015年,我们不会把智能手机的型号比较今年增加四分之一到三分之一。”“[This] would allow us a chance to lower the prices of [remaining models] through mass production.”“(这么做到)令其我们有可能通过不断扩大产量减少(剩下型号)的价格。


”Samsung said the overhaul of its product portfolio would boost efficiency by focusing on more competitive models. But the group declined to give the number of smartphone models it currently has available on the market.三星回应,对产品组合的全面排查有助提高效率,因为这么做到令其该公司能把注意力集中于在更加有竞争力的型号上。不过,该公司拒绝接受透漏目前市场上共计多少款三星智能手机。


The move comes after Samsung posted its weakest quarterly earnings for three years in the third quarter, hit by increasing competition at both ends of the smartphone market.就在三星发售这一措施之前,由于在低低端智能手机市场都遭遇了日益白热化的竞争,该公司刚在第三季度财报中附上三年内最低迷的季度盈利数字。Apple’s new iPhones with larger screens have been hugely popular in the premium market, while Samsung has faced the growing threat from Chinese competitors such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo in the low- and mid-range markets.在高端市场,苹果新的发售的大屏iPhone人气仍然居高不下。而在中低端市场,小米(Xiaomi)、华为(Huawei)和误解(Lenovo)等中国竞争者对三星的威胁也日益减小。Samsung’s share of the global smartphone market fell to 24.7 per cent in the third quarter from 35 per cent a year earlier, according to Strategy Analytics, while Xiaomi jumped to third place – with its market share rising from 2.1 per cent to 5.6 per cent.根据Strategy Analytics的数据,今年第三季度三星在全球智能手机市场的份额从一年前的35%跌到至24.7%。

与此同时,小米的市场份额则从2.1%减至5.6%,从而跃居至第三名。Samsung said last month it would offer more attractive phones at lower prices, aiming to find cost savings by standardising the components used in different models.上个月,三星曾回应将以更加较低价格获取极具吸引力的智能手机,并企图通过将有所不同型号手机中的零部件标准化,构建降低成本的目的。Its operating profit margins from the mobile business fell to 7 per cent in the July-September period, down from above 15 per cent for 10 consecutive quarters.今年第三季度,三星移动业务的运营利润率曾跌到至7%。

此前,这一数字曾倒数10个季度维持在15%以上。Samsung’s executives said last month it would try to maintain double-digit percentage margins next year. Samsung has so far produced multiple models to cater to each segment of the market, making it difficult for the company to cut costs, while rival Apple produces fewer models.上个月,三星主管曾回应明年将希望把利润率保持在两位数。



Analysts expect Samsung to become much more aggressive on specifications and pricing in the low-to-mid-end segment to regain its lost market share, but they say it would be difficult for the company to boost smartphone margins to above 10 per cent.分析师预计,为夺取丧失的市场份额,三星将采行更加保守的配备和定价策略。不过,他们回应三星很难把智能手机利润率提高至10%以上。“It is time for the company to make choices and focus on a few competitive models to compete better with Chinese rivals that can offer similar products at significantly lower prices,” said Chung Chang-won, analyst at Nomura. “Its margins will be squeezed further as the company tries to cut prices while improving specs.”野村证券(Nomura)分析师Chung Chang-won回应:“三星的中国输掉能以较低得多的价格获取类似于商品。